What makes the paint peel like that?

Sometimes it’s way worse than it initially looks. I was called to inspect a fascia board with peeling paint that might have some rot. Turns out it had plenty of rot, and ANTS! There was a damaged roof shingle which probably did okay until the pine straw built up and caused a slow drainage issue. Water crept in unnoticed for months. Insects found the damp location and moved right in causing further damage.

The damaged section of roof was removed and replaced, new felt and shingles, new rafter, new fascia and soffits, and a fresh coat of paint.

Stained Soffit

A customer was a little worried when she saw some water stains on the underside of her soffit. She also noticed a roofing shingle that was buckled. After inspection she had a damaged shingle that was letting water run onto the decking causing rot and finally the visible stain on the soffit. All the damaged material was removed and replaced, painted to match, and reinstalled the gutter and wind chimes.

If you look closely the fresh coat of paint even shows how dirty a house exterior can get.

Loss of a load bearing wall

Nothing is more exciting than moving into your new home. That is unless a load bearing wall has been removed. The inspection report did notate the sagging ceiling and the posts that were added were insufficient.

This job took an engineer, special order Glulam beams, special brackets, and some beautiful oak logs. Temporary supports were put in place, improper posts removed, new beams and posts installed, stained, and drywall touchups. I apologize that I have lost the completed pictures.

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